Floral litmus solutions

SC 130 Physical Science laboratory thirteen is the most liked laboratory by the students and has been retained without significant modification since 2007.

In the mornign session students tested a variety of unknowns using their floral litmus solutions. Paul, JD, and Johnson can be seen on the right side of the image.

Tania, Jermy, and Brenda with rubbing alcohol, ammonia, corn starch, and bleach in front of them.

Serlyn and Reed boil flowers.

Kanisia boiling flowers.

Andrea shows Rilensha and Amy her results.

During laboratory eight three students opted to remain after the lab and made color key sheets using crayons from the new 150 crayon towers. One still had their color sheet, which proved very useful in laboratory thirteen. Not sure I would add this to laboratory eight intentionally.

Yvonne. Lilly adds PineSol (in a small bottle) to the litmus solution being held by Wendolin.

Rilensha, Afilina, Amyleen, and Diane.

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