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Gymnosperm, angiosperm, spice presentations

Sallyann assists Mavrick with a presentation on the life cycle of a cycad

Jaefrey and Mae present gymnosperm morphology

Jaefrey and Mae

Markina covers outer bark, cambium, phloem, xylem, and secondary xylem.

Virginia and Frauleen make the distinction between monocots and dicots

Melsina covers Allspice

Liona-Leigh covered Araucaria based timber products using an extant poster.

Island Food and Banana Presentations

The class listens to Island Food Community presentation, Jaefrey up front.

Renselyn and Chenniva listen to the description of the CHEEFbenefits.

Viewing bananas in the garden.

Mae has a look at a banana.


Mark holds a water sucker. These are weak and will not grow well.

Above is a sword sucker. Water suckers are not usually well attached to the rhizome. A sword sucker grows from the core of the rhizome. The leaves are characteristically sword shaped.

Detail view of sword sucker base.

Mark uses his water sucker to demonstrate proper cleaning technique.

Properly cleaned.

Mark explains as Karmi listens.

Banana planting

Banana planting!


Cheryll, Mae, and Sallyann



Rockyner, Jaefry


Leona-Leigh digging

Mark Kostka supervising, advising

Jasper, a one man deforestation machine. The tree,however, is a highly invasive African tulip tree.

Brenda Kerman

Rico providing assistance to Rockyner








banana.kml file

Preparation for banana planting

This term the class returned to the theme of planting bananas. This time the bananas will be planted in an enclosed area belonging to the agriculture program.

Renselyn Anson clears bush.

Robinson and Apaisang

Chenniva with Karmi in the background

I made notes on who was doing what

Sallyann assists TJ. She did try swinging a knife. Two-handed. Eyes closed. She missed. We took the knife away.

Melsina. Although not feeling all that well, and initially reticent to join class, once people started clearing, she wanted in. As my father would have said, "A real trooper." Around here I would say, "Lien Kitti."

Terson bulldozing through the Costus speciosus and Clidemia hirta.

Markina, dressed for success, cleared with gusto.

A small clearing for the bananas to get started in.

Material Culture

Pohnpeian kiam

A form of Pohnpeian pwaht

Toy canoe from Pohnpei

A breadfruit knife known on Pohnpei as a Pwai. The word is two syllables and is the same word as that used for the giant clam. One version of the pwai is made with the shell as a cutting edge.

Karmi presents a Pingalapese dil - fishing torch

Renselynn with a Pingalapese irop (traditional mat)

Chenniva with a Mwokillese rohp, a one person mat called a "joamas" which literally means "stingy" because only one person can sit on the mat. A mat for one carries a connotation of selfishness.

Markina covers the meaning of flowers worn above the ear. Left side, not married. Right side, married.

Rockyner talks about the tipw, stick for removing food from the uhm.