Preparation for banana planting

This term the class returned to the theme of planting bananas. This time the bananas will be planted in an enclosed area belonging to the agriculture program.

Renselyn Anson clears bush.

Robinson and Apaisang

Chenniva with Karmi in the background

I made notes on who was doing what

Sallyann assists TJ. She did try swinging a knife. Two-handed. Eyes closed. She missed. We took the knife away.

Melsina. Although not feeling all that well, and initially reticent to join class, once people started clearing, she wanted in. As my father would have said, "A real trooper." Around here I would say, "Lien Kitti."

Terson bulldozing through the Costus speciosus and Clidemia hirta.

Markina, dressed for success, cleared with gusto.

A small clearing for the bananas to get started in.
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