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Ethnogarden clean-up and final exam review

Studyig names - Ursula, Tilson, Leonard, Randy

Leonard, Lucas, Marino, Randy


Tilson cross-references the text

I was not on camera duty today. A style shot.

Cleaning up around the lemon grass.

Lemon grass.

Senna alata.

Windows 8 Random Useless Notes

Workplace lap tops are now arriving with Windows 8 installed. My students too are working in Windows 8. Windows 8 provides unprecedented job security for computer instructors and trainers. There is a whole new range of vocabulary to master, and becoming productive on a Windows 8 lap top will require many hours of your life. There are lucky charms, magic gestures, and special incantations that must be learned. The following are my own notes to myself on things I have learned as I have learned them. Like any other moron, I have learned everything I know from the Internet. I have perused too many hundreds of sites to cite sources. Think of this blog article as my own Post-It note to myself. There is little to no intention to be of useful help to anyone else. My apologies.

1. Use the key combination Alt-Tab to efficiently switch among your applications. Shift-Alt-Tab will switch in the "reverse direction".
2. Use FN-Alt-F4 on the Toshiba Satellites to close a program.
3. If all …

Photographed wet while working in the banana patch

The attendance sheet had dissolved back into paper pulp in the drenching downpour. At the start of class the sky had been cloudy but dry. On the way down to the banana patch a light rain began to fall. As the work began, the clouds opened up and swimming pools of water fell from the sky. A drenching rain too dense and dark to capture images. As work wrapped up, the rain eased up from torrential to merely pouring. Unable to record attendance, the role is captured in these images.

Chelsea amid fall rain drops captured midflight by the flash.

The class is in need of more short knives, Chelsea sports a bush saber for this reason.

Tilson Kephas Jr. and Leonard Benjamin. Both present, both soaking wet. They had cleaned the area to the area along the southern side of the banana patch.

Ursula also swings a saber.

Tracy Tom.

Randy Sue.

Vanessa Ewarmai.


Clinton Marlemai.

Jamie Thozes

Possibly Gyrone Samuel.

Parkey Mwarike working along the fence line.

Possibly Lucas Hellan.


Floral litmus solutions

Mayleen "Donna Paul" Amson and Almihner Kusto test their floral litmus solution for reactivity to the known acid and the known base.

Mayleen "Donna" testing for a reaction to the baking soda, the known base.

Allston Abraham, Bryan Tonga, and Berry Barnabas determine whether the household substance are acidic, basic, or neutral.

Mayleen Amson working with Danielle Worswick

Some of the household substances in use

More household substances

The bleach had again disappeared. Dirt cheap across the road at $1.25. The Pine Sol also vanished.

Ran out of hydrogen peroxide and aspirin this term.

Hand soap could use a refresh. Drano is gone.

Ivy Gean Penias

Brinando Penias displays a nice set of colors.

Clidemia hirta: Riahpen roht

The small and limited area in which the class has been consistently pulling over the past few years remains generally clear of Clidemia hirta. In one of the areas in which Clidemia hirta was pulled, Clerodendrum quadriloculare is spreading rather aggressively. Walking in some new areas, however, turned up new clumps including one too big too pull back in the heart of the taro patch in the area "between the roads" on the north side of the college campus.

Newman holds high a clump of Clidemia hirta found to the south of the patches I check each term. This term I did not start in the ethnobotanical garden and instead took the class straight into the forest near the old access road that used to be there. This path took up past some new Clidemia hirta implants. This area is not as heavily infested as the agriculture area to the west. The agriculture area on the west end of campus almost seems to be an epicenter for Clidemia hirta. The density is so great that one is left wonderi…