Assignment submission rate in statistics falling

The submission rate as a percentage of all students in MS 150 Statistics, both sections, is falling over time. This is negatively impacting student performance as missing assignments zero out. This term I am experimenting with no locking out of late submissions, so in theory these numbers could improve with time. The trend, however, is a matter for concern as the drop represents students who apparently were able to submit assignments and now are not submitting assignments. I have no further insight into the possible causes at this time. MS 150 Statistics has the best data in terms of number of assignments and number of students, but there are signs that this is happening in my other courses as well. Only MS 150 Statistics is generating large enough sample sizes to be certain that there is a trend.

Instructional response times to messages and emails

A convenience sample survey of students in four courses were asked the following question via an update poll in Schoology:"Not including this class, in general, about how quickly do instructors respond to your messages, emails?"

Of related concern is that five days after posting the update, which generates a notification to the students, only 30% have responded. 

Physci hybrid beginnings with the density of soap and velocity of a RipStik

This pandemic term is online except for the laboratory sessions which are residential on campus. Laboratory one, the density of soap, was done wholly in the physical science laboratory. The class did not move upstairs to the computer laboratory to complete this lab. Students were asked to bring their technology with them to class. This worked well as it allowed me to troubleshoot individual quirks of specific technology. I deliberately chose to leave the laptop at home. If I am serious that the course requires no more than a smartphone for the students, then I do not myself need more than a smartphone in class. That said, the app does have some serious limitations for an instructor.Laboratory one was done without modification other than remaining in A101. No photos were captured of this first laboratory.
Lab two started at eight o'clock with only six students, so I went with riding the RipStik. That generates a very constant speed, much more constant than the rolling ball. This als…

How are the students doing?

I was wrapping up an eight hour day of marking submitted Google Drive Assignments, returning some assignments for further work, and answering questions coming in via Gmail and Schoology messages, when a colleague sent me a Messenger message asking, "How are your students doing?" And I realized that I really did not know. I was so far down in the weeds of marking incoming assignments that I had no overview. Sure, I can see work coming in, much of the work correctly done, but the rest of the picture is the work that I am not seeing. I am seeing only the success stories: the students who are getting their work submitted. At the end of a solid day of looking at work that has come in, I can come away with the feeling that things are generally going well. But I am only seeing good news. There is no direct way to measure learning, or the lack thereof, in what is not being submitted. There are many things that could cause an absence of submission, and failure to learn the material i…

Week one fall 2020 selected metrics

Submission rates are good for courses with assignments due during week one, can be improved. ESS 101w has a Saturday due date on weekly walks. Given that up to almost half of the students depend on their local campus to access the Internet*, the week one submission rate for ESS 101w is likely to rise on Monday. SC/SS 115 had no assignment due week one, the rate shown is early submissions of an assignment due next Tuesday. 
This chart has been updated with nine additional responses and continues to show a strong student preference for videos and slides for learning material online. 
Tracking of individual video performances by the number of views across multiple videos in multiple courses. Videos tend to peak on the day the video is linked from the calendar for that section, suggesting that the calendar is setting the course pace as intended.
The broader picture is that video viewing this past week saw an initial peak on Sunday and then fell off, climbing again through Thursday. On Friday…

Students preferred information reception mode in online education

Students in my courses were polled with the following question, "When learning new material online, which one of the following do you prefer?"Reading and learning from a textbookViewing and learning from a presentation in PowerPoint or Google SlidesWatching and learning from a video such as on YouTubeWatching and learning from an all class videoconference on Zoom or ConferencesSixty-nine of 120 students have responded to the poll.  I would note that this poll was developed in the wake of specific conversations and exchanges that suggested some level of student dissatisfaction with synchronous videoconference class sessions. One can always choose to shoot the messenger, I was just looking to attach numbers to what I was hearing.

Day one metrics 2020 online in charts

The take home: average readiness for my four courses was 82% The take home: one in six students has only a smartphone The take home: half of the students lose access to their courses at Cor Con 3 The take home: The last 6% of the students not logging into Schoology will consume 94% of our efforts