Assessing Learning in Physical Science

SC 130 Physical Science proposes to serve two institutional learning outcomes (ILO) through four general education program learning outcomes (GE PLO) addressed by four course level student learning outcomes (CLO). This report assesses learning under the course level learning outcomes which in turn support program and institutional learning outcomes.

ILO 8. Quantitative Reasoning: ability to reason and solve quantitative problems from a wide array of authentic contexts and everyday life situations; comprehends and can create sophisticated arguments supported by quantitative evidence and can clearly communicate those arguments in a variety of formats.

GE PLO SC 130 CLO 3.5 Perform experiments that use scientific methods as part of the inquiry process. 1. Explore physical science systems through experimentally based laboratories using scientific methodologies 3.4 Define and explain scientific concepts, principles, and theories of a field of science. 2. Define and explain concepts, th…

Statistics course reactions

An end of term survey in MS 150 Statistics surveyed 25 students in areas such as their favorite and least favorite presentations, attitude towards statistics, textbook usage, activities that contributed to learning, and obstacles to learning.

April presenting basic statistics
The course included seven data exploration based presentations during the term. The first presentation occurs on zero knowledge the first week of class and asks the students to explore statistics surrounding M&M candies. The seven presentations were:

Basic statistics: Mars and Murrie MMsBasic statistics plus charts: Heart rates, health, and the impact of exerciseRegressions: Bouncing super balls and the correlation of bounce height to drop heightInferential statistics: FiboBelly ratios hypothesis testOpen exploration requiring basic statistics: Round island Ekiden relay runOpen exploration requiring regression for a paired data: Carbon dioxide versus temperature on PohnpeiOpen exploration requiring inferential …

Assessing Learning in Introductory Statistics

MS 150 Statistics is an introductory statistics course with a focus on statistical operations and methods. The course is guided by the 2007 Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE), the spring 2016 draft GAISE update, and the ongoing effort at the college to incorporate authentic assessment in courses. A history of the evolution open data open data exploration exercises and associated presentations as authentic assessment in the course was covered in a May report

Suzanne presents her statistical analysis to the class
Three course level student learning outcomes currently guide MS 150 Introduction to Statistics: Perform basic statistical calculations for a single variable up to and including graphical analysis, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing against an expected value, and testing two samples for a difference of means.Perform basic statistical calculations for paired correlated variables.Engage in data exploration and analysis using appropriate…