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Chasing mirages and a group quiz

Friday the class went outside to chase after a mirage. A sunny Friday in spring 2017 provided guaranteed sunny hot days and asphalt that was screaming hot by noon, a mirage was fairly easy to see. A rainy ENSO neutral fall did not provide as much heat, and what sun did appear was not intense enough nor long enough to generate the temperatures required. Only the faintest glimpse of the effect could be seen by looking east from just west of the first turn-off to half moon drive. The effect was to fleeting to capture with a cell phone camera.

Bravely trying to catch a glimpse of a mirage.

This was following by an outdoor quiz, which involved students sitting at widely separated tables in groups. Given that the instrument was only a quiz, I deliberately sat separately at a distance and let the students work the questions as quasi-group exercises. I opted not to try to analyze the impact, but of interest was that the groups did not take to wholesale copying of each other. Anecdotally they …

Reflection and Refraction

Monday kicked off with Bill Nye's Light and Optics videos, the last of his videos still in the physical science loop. Wednesday focused on demonstrations of refraction and total internal reflection, along with demonstrations of focal length. This led naturally into the Thursday laboratory exploring reflection and, through apparent depth, refraction.

AJ joins the class

Penny distorted by... refraction
The set-up for apparent depth this term
Trevalouva, Myreen, Jayleen, and Redsea work on reflection measurements
Jayleen records data
Student success includes flexibility in the classroom, a welcome visitor
Myreen, Redsea, Trevalouva, Elisa
Elisa, Jvida, Ardy
Jayleen enters data into Desmos
Johsper assists AJ
Tulpe Nena ponders apparent depth
AJ, older than the morning AJ, measures the apparent depth of a penny

Melsina and Sunet make reflection measurements while I sneak in an accidental selfie
Justice and Kaiteie
Saichy tests the theory that the relationship


Shanaleen and Harriet
Megan Ruth, May-me
Pelida removes the nohk

Kiyoe removes the nohk
Johsper, even weave
Rennie Glen, KIra
Kiyoe, Rennie Glen
Shanaleen, Harriet, Emerika, Clayson
Clayson Kallop demonstrates his skill with a perfectly done thatch, first to finish