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Kosrae Christmas marching in Kolonia

Being as Christmas fell on a Sunday, the Kolonia Kosrae Congregational Church marched on Christmas eve Saturday.

The day starts with food preparation at the house. Marching is not until the afternoon.

Joseph and Mary star in the Sunday School skit. Baby Jesus is no plastic doll either, a real live baby starred in the lead role.

Mary was very skilled - singing and marching while carrying a bag of candy and the baby Jesus. Joseph is very fortunate to have such a skilled wife.

First she removed her angelic hair band, then she proceeded to rip off those wings. She was clearly fed up with being type cast once again as the angel.

A family star bearer on the left.

The front line of Yonkumi choir.

Joseph also joined Yonkumi.

This was the last shot I got off before being strangled by that same towed.

Three sisters and a distant cousin as star bearers on the front line of Ichikumi. Shrue, Elterina, and Hanna take a turn on the front row.

Inac Sra Ioanis is the dot in the letter "i" fo…

SDA Christmas Concert

The Christmas concert, an event where parents dive into a photographic mosh pit with the latest in digital technology to get that blurry, unbalanced photo of their angel or little prince.

A shepherd out watching their flock and singing.

A singing shepherd is a happy shepherd.

Was also a shepherd, here standing with his instructor.

Statistics performance across the terms

The following chart depicts the average success rate on the MS 150 Statistics final examination fall terms only. The average success rate is based on an item analysis of the final, and the average is the average of the percentage of items answered correctly aggregated across the student learning outcomes. The standard deviation is based also on the aggregated student learning outcomes. The sample size n is the number of students.

Thunderbird grade book mail merge on Lubuntu 11.10

Attempts to perform a mail merge to email using 3.4.4 on a Lubuntu system led only to crashing. In searching for another way to perform a mail merge, I looked into what might be possible using Thunderbird 8.0.

I rather quickly found Alexander Bergmann's Mail Merge 2.5.0. The add-on page however, and even the web site left me somewhat perplexed as to how to actually perform the mail merge. The directions were spartan and minimalist.

Fortunately a video by PleaBargain provided me the visual information I needed. Once I saw the draft email with the fields, everything clicked into place.

I pulled the specific columns I needed from my grade book and did a special paste (values only) into a blank temporary spreadsheet. I cleaned up the field names so they had no spaces, and then saved the file as a CSV file.

first,Gr,perc,cperc,max,fxp,sum,fx,mail Nolynn,D,0.666,0.666,383,0.55,255.2,24, Maybelynn,B,0.806,0.806,383,0.66,308.65,29,maybelynn@…

Pohnpei Women's Advisory Council fun run

On Saturday 10 December 2011 the Pohnpei Women's Advisory Council , the US Embassy, the Australian embassy, and sponsored a "Healthy LifeStyle Fun Walk/Run" with a 7:00 A.M. start from Spanish Wall. The route was out to the airport and back to Spanish wall.

My son headed up the hill to Spanish wall from the causeway. 
Most the group chose to walk, only about seven chose to run the route. Walking and juggling remains harder than running and juggling, so I joined the runners.

The event was a double header with the run followed by a march to capitol hill at 9:00 A.M. As noted by the Australian embassy ( accessed on 12 December), "the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is a global campaign to raise awareness about violence against women and its impact on a woman's physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being."

"The 16 Days of Activism began on 25 November on International Day for…

KBP 5k

The Katilingbang Bisaya sa Pohnpei 5k fun run is unusual in the Pohnpei 5k calender, being one of the few runs that is held on a Sunday.

Temperatures were cool under cloudy skies for Pohnpei, at least from a local perspective.

Given that the same sign can hit 102° by late afternoon, 86° Fahrenheit is nice and cool. The heat is not usually the issue. Pohnpei's year round high humidity is what makes running here challenging.

Turn-out was strong for a Sunday morning. The route is also unique in the running calendar. The run starts at the movie theater and then heads up into town to the intersection of Kaselehlie and Elenieng. A quick left and then a right at Namiki and the run heads up through Mapusi towards Palm Terrace.

A right turn brings one onto the main circumferential road. At Blue Nile the run heads up into Dolihner and then makes a left back down to the state track.

When asked if I can take a picture, this gen FBer immediately struck a pose. "All right Mr. DeMille, I…