KBP 5k

The Katilingbang Bisaya sa Pohnpei 5k fun run is unusual in the Pohnpei 5k calender, being one of the few runs that is held on a Sunday.

Temperatures were cool under cloudy skies for Pohnpei, at least from a local perspective.

Given that the same sign can hit 102° by late afternoon, 86° Fahrenheit is nice and cool. The heat is not usually the issue. Pohnpei's year round high humidity is what makes running here challenging.

Turn-out was strong for a Sunday morning. The route is also unique in the running calendar. The run starts at the movie theater and then heads up into town to the intersection of Kaselehlie and Elenieng. A quick left and then a right at Namiki and the run heads up through Mapusi towards Palm Terrace.

A right turn brings one onto the main circumferential road. At Blue Nile the run heads up into Dolihner and then makes a left back down to the state track.

When asked if I can take a picture, this gen FBer immediately struck a pose. "All right Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my profile picture!"

The route passed by the new Medpharm location in the former US Embassy building. In the background is Seven Stars Inn in the former location of the Penny Hotel.

The route took a right at the College of Micronesia Pohnpei upper campus and went down Dainy street. Helena Yamada was moving at a steady clip.

Deaconess Notwe was preparing for Sunday morning service.

Rendy Geminaro took first place in 21 minutes. I was ten minutes back at 31 minutes. I then tagged on a 45 minute photo shoot jog.

Dinner the night before was not the usual carbo load of pasta, but then carbo loading for a 5k will only lead to obesity. The gang enjoyed fluffernutter sandwiches courtesey of the Wisconsin wing of the family.


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