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In SC 101 Health Science I try to liven up Fridays with surveys and activities. This Friday I jumped off from a side bar on managing stress by relaxing to music on page thirty-nine of Edlin and Golanty's Health and Wellness tenth edition.

Prior to playing a musical piece I had the students measure their resting heart rate and complete a brief stress and tension survey I cobbled together by editing extant on line surveys.

Before EnigmaAfter EnigmaResting heart rate

Before EnigmaAfter Enigma
YesSort ofNoYesSort ofNoMy body feels tense all over.210210I feel pressured because of my studies and tests.210210I have a headache. 210210I have a nervous sweat or sweaty palms.210210My muscles are tense.

RipStik Linear Motion

SC 130 Physical Science section 012 linear motion opted to use the sidewalk to the west of the B building this term.

The catch is that the sidewalk has more slope than I anticipated. So I opted to go uphill, attempting to hold a constant swizzle against the rise. The chart suggests I was essentially successful.

The data is linear enough to convince one of the linearity of constant velocity motion. Or constant swizzle motion.

Math curriculum support workshop number two

On Friday August 24th a second in a series of work shops intended to provide support to the instructors at Madolehnihmw high school was held from 4:00 to 6:00 P.M. I was delayed in my arrival due to the addition of a college section from 2:00 to 3:00. I left the college at about 3:15 and arrived just a few minutes after 4:00 at MHS.

After some discussion, the participants asked to have angles and trigonometry reviewed.

The session covered a lot of ground and was very productive for everyone.

The group decided to next meet on Friday 21 September at the same place and time.

I owe thanks to the MHS team for being there late on a Friday and for the bananas!

Sometime in October the larger math curriculum alignment group will meet.

Numeric information in graphic forms skills pre-assessment

The second program learning outcome which SC 130 Physical Science addresses is "Students will be able to present and interpret numeric information in graphic forms." Twenty-eight students in physical science fall 2012 were given six questions which focused on this outcome. The preassessment was done on the first day of class.

The following item analysis table indicates the number of students out of 28 answering a given question correct.

QuestionCorrectCalculate slope from line on graph6Determine units from axis labels1Determine y-intercept from line on graph5Write out the equation of line from graph1Plot xy data given a table labeled x, y25Calculate slope from line on graph9

As seen in a report done last summer, performance on the preassessment this fall was weak. The strongest performance was on a plotting (x, y) points given data in a table. Twenty-five of 28 students completed this task correctly. The most common mistake was plotting (y, x). Both the data table and the gr…

Social Media Survey

A convenience sample survey was administered on the first day of MS 150 Statistics at the College of Micronesia-FSM to the 72 students attending that first day of class.

SiteSp 09Fa 09Sp 10Fa 10Sp 11Fa 11Sp 12Fa 12FaceBook09124662547070Google+


Adding X11 colors to standard.soc in Calc on Ubuntu

Image Calc lacks a good selection of faded pastel colors that work well as cell backgrounds. To remedy this deficiency, I usually add the X11 colors to the standard.soc file in Calc. I presort the X11 colors by luminosity to push the high luminosity colors to the end of the list.

To find the standard.soc color file on an Ubuntu rig, pop open a terminal using Ctrl-Alt-t. Then run
sudo find -name standard.soc -type f
On Lubuntu 12.04 there are two standard.soc files.
/home/[username]/.config/libreoffice/3/user/config/standard.soc /usr/lib/libreoffice/presets/config/standard.soc
The first is the one that contains both the standard colors and any custom colors one has added. The second is a preset file that apparently is overwritten on package upgrades. I use SciTE for editing, this package is available in the repositories. Nano would work, but the standard.soc file has no line feeds. I know how to add line feeds to SciTE which makes the file mor…

General Education Science Assessment Report 2009 – 2012

General Education Science Assessment Report 2009 – 2012
The general education science assessment has been performed for the past three academic years. Each fall a sample of laboratory reports was analyzed against a rubric.
Performance factor score4321Metric: Scientific Procedures and reasoningAccurately and efficiently used all appropriate tools and technologies to gather and analyze dataEffectively used some appropriate tools and technologies to gather and analyze data with only minor errorsAttempted to use appropriate tools and technologies but information inaccurate or incompleteInappropriate use of tools or technology to gather dataMetric: StrategiesUsed a sophisticated strategy and revised strategy where appropriate to complete the task; employed refined and complex reasoning and demonstrated understanding of cause and effect; applied scientific method accuratelyUsed a strategy that led to completion while recording all data; used effective scientific reasoning; framed or used tes…