Social Media Survey

A convenience sample survey was administered on the first day of MS 150 Statistics at the College of Micronesia-FSM to the 72 students attending that first day of class.

Site Sp 09 Fa 09 Sp 10 Fa 10 Sp 11 Fa 11 Sp 12 Fa 12
FaceBook 0 9 12 46 62 54 70 70

0 32
Bebo 17 41 27 37 42 20 19 25
MySpace 32 45 33 33 45 29 31 23

2 7 11
Other 8 16 26 25 16 12 10 9

0 6
None 9 13 10 8 8 4 3 0
Sample size n 54 74 58 66 72 61 73 72
Number of students with membership in the listed site by term Note that the columns do not add to the sample size as students can have multiple memberships.

Percentage of students with membership in the listed site by term 

FaceBook continued its dominant position among students in MS 150 statistics at the college, with 70 of 72 students having a membership in FaceBook. Of the two students who do not have FaceBook membership, one is a Google+ member and the other is a LinkedIn member. Fall 2012 is the first term in which 100% of the students have membership in at least one social media site. This is the first term in which "No membership" is zero.

FaceBook remains the place to be to communicate with students. FaceBook is a "first checked" web site for 42 of the 72 students. For 19 students COM-FSM WebMail is their "first checked" web site. When in a hurry, the average student will grab a look at FaceBook ahead of their college email. Communicating with students means communicating in FaceBook space.

Spring 2012 no student named Google+ in their responses. By fall 2012 thirty-two students listed Google+ membership. Google+ saw the strongest relative growth among the social media sites used by students who are now enrolled in the statistics class.

The number of FaceBook friends is plotted as box plots above. The medians for the three terms are 210, 200, and 300. The numbers of friends per student appear to be increasing.

Social media remains a prime mover of social communication for the students, at least based on the students in statistics class this fall. The numbers of friends to which they connect also appears to be increasing. 


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