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Schoology NEXT 2018 Day Three

Day three of Schoology NEXT San Diego began with a higher education breakfast, a small gathering of three tables of fourteen other Schoology attendees along with the four of us from the college. While higher education had an active session in Chicago in 2017, that was also driven by those who chose to present. At the session a participant noted the usefulness of in the design and deployment of effective online courses. She noted that their programs are not online programs, only that some courses in the program are extended online. QualityMatters guidelines and matrices help with the design of the courses.

Technology for Teachers is a PDF book that supports teacher education in technology.

In an evening conversation the other night I was made aware of a book used in the Northwest Territories about growing up indigenous in that region, Raising Ourselves. The book is available in paperback and hardcover, but not on Kindle. The book looks like it might be of interest in …

Schoology NEXT 2018 Day Two

These are raw notes from the second day of the Schoology NEXT Day two of Schoology NEXT 2018 San Diego opened with a video. The opening keynote was delivered by Kellie Ady, Director instructional strategy. 25 years teaching in Denver. English, high school. Moved into technology as a tech director. Now with Schoology.

Concerns based adoption model (CBAM). People do not fear change, people fear loss. [Perhaps attachment is the root of suffering.]

Schoology is about removing barriers to effective teaching and learning. Schoology Compass: free set of reference materials and tools to guide Schoology users. Compass level I: Individual teachers are deploying ad hoc edtech into classrooms. Districts invest in infrastructure. Solutions are ad hoc.

Level 2: District-wide standards emerge. A set of tools is formally adopted. Curriculum starts aligning to tech.

Level 3: Pervasive adoption occurs. Critical mass is reached. Level four is advancing what is possible, innovating from the existing syst…