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Banana patch cleaning photoessay

The ethnobotany class cleaned up around the banana patch, part of the ethnogardens on the campus of the College of Micronesia-FSM. The banana patch includes a number of varieties of banana, some of which are still being identified.

A banana sword sucker
Allison and Jeanie

Michelle David

Bananas by location. Locations have some accuracy issues, identifications are tentative at best. Some bananas and contributors are reversed!
BananaContributed byLatitudeLongitudeKaratBrenda KermanN 006° 54.627'E 158° 09.330

Floral Litmus solutions laboratory

Laboratory thirteen feature the use of floral dyes to test for acids and bases. Some flowers generate solutions that function both as red and blue litmus paper simultaneously - that is they change to two different colors when a base or acid is added to the floral litmus solution.

Calling David looks on as Macy Johannes records data, Marsha Karel runs a test of an unknown substance. Baking soda was used to determine whether a floral litmus solution changes color in the presence of a known base. Baking soda is the known base. The students use a variety of local key limes as the known acid.

Macy studies the color of the solution
Dalynda Park working with Veralyn Celestine on substances with an unknown pH
The substances with an unknown pH are all household agents. Vinegar, ammonia, bleach, soap, cream of tartar, detergent, rubbing alcohol, PineSol, Drano.

Ioakim Walter takes notes
Regina Moya's floral litmus solution changes saturation, but not hue angle.
Laboratory ten includes cover…

Vital Coconut Development Unit ethnobotany class visit

The ethnobotany class studies the plants people use and how those plants are used. The unit on material cultural uses of plant products includes economic botany, economically valuable plants and their uses. The coconut tree is literally the tree of life and a tremendous natural resource. Federated States of Micronesia Public Law 18-68, the Coconut Tree Act of 2014, placed the former national Coconut Development Authority with Vital. Vital has been executing a mandate from the President of the FSM and the FM Congress with an eye toward rapidly developing the coconut sector in the FSM into a long-term sustainable economic activity. Source: Vital Transition of CDA: Phase I

Under this mandate Vital has set a number of goals. Vital plans to develop and upgrade domestic processing capacity of coconut.Vital will be able to process copra produced in the FSM into crude coconut oil for fuel, and coconut meal for animal feed. In a separate process Vital also continues to produce coconut oil for …