Floral litmus solutions

Mayleen "Donna Paul" Amson and Almihner Kusto test their floral litmus solution for reactivity to the known acid and the known base.

Mayleen "Donna" testing for a reaction to the baking soda, the known base.

Allston Abraham, Bryan Tonga, and Berry Barnabas determine whether the household substance are acidic, basic, or neutral.

Mayleen Amson working with Danielle Worswick

Some of the household substances in use

More household substances

The bleach had again disappeared. Dirt cheap across the road at $1.25. The Pine Sol also vanished.

Ran out of hydrogen peroxide and aspirin this term.

Hand soap could use a refresh. Drano is gone.

Ivy Gean Penias

Brinando Penias displays a nice set of colors.
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