Photographed wet while working in the banana patch

The attendance sheet had dissolved back into paper pulp in the drenching downpour. At the start of class the sky had been cloudy but dry. On the way down to the banana patch a light rain began to fall. As the work began, the clouds opened up and swimming pools of water fell from the sky. A drenching rain too dense and dark to capture images. As work wrapped up, the rain eased up from torrential to merely pouring. Unable to record attendance, the role is captured in these images.

Chelsea amid fall rain drops captured midflight by the flash.


The class is in need of more short knives, Chelsea sports a bush saber for this reason.

Tilson Kephas Jr. and Leonard Benjamin. Both present, both soaking wet. They had cleaned the area to the area along the southern side of the banana patch.

Ursula also swings a saber.

Tracy Tom.

Randy Sue.

Vanessa Ewarmai.


Clinton Marlemai.

Jamie Thozes

Possibly Gyrone Samuel.

Parkey Mwarike working along the fence line.

Possibly Lucas Hellan.

 Marino Haretaligiye

Vanessa, Chelsea, Jamie, Jesse, Parkey, and Clinton.

Chesty, Randy, Lucas.

Leonard, Tracy, Ursula. The class counted fifteen bananas, which concurs with the number planted in April 2013. These bananas were planted in support of the program learning outcomes for the Agriculture and Natural Resources program at the College of Micronesia-FSM as well as for the course learning outcome for SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany. Future classes will learn to identify as well as care for the bananas planted here.

At present a Clidemia hirta infestation remains a threat to the survival of the bananas in this garden.

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