Edmodo on Android

A student was noting difficulties with accessing the Edmodo quizzes. In the process of trying to determine what was occurring, I learned that the student was accessing Edmodo on a MyPhone from FSM Telecom running the Android operating system. Edmodo mobile is a different interface from Edmodo desktop.

The log in screen is simplified, and the home page is a screen of icons. Notifications are still at the top right.

Clicking on Groups icon opens an intermediate screen (not shown) that lists the groups to which the student belongs.

The Ethnobotany group is displayed above. The student can see that a quiz is available but cannot take the quiz . There appeared to be no way to access the actual quiz screen. The quiz that the student was trying to access consisted of an image of a plant. The quiz question asked the student to identify the plant, the answer format was short answer.

I asked the student if they used Engrade or CourseSites and they indicated that they used both, but not on the phone. The phone could only access Edmodo. I found that interesting. I can understand that CourseSites is simply too complex for some smart phones to render, but Engrade seemed fairly simple with only a couple of JavaScript routines. Note that the MyPhone is not an iPhone by any means, it is a Chinese sourced smart phone of some sort.

The upshot is that Edmodo was partially functional, functional enough for the student to get basic course messages, CourseSites was not functional on the phone, nor was Engrade.

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