Harvard Step Test

The Harvard Step Test was administered in a class of 25 students. Ten students were excused due to Par-Q issues. Of the remaining 15 only one student rated as excellent. The remaining 14 students were of average fitness or lower, with ten below average fitness.

Harvard Step Test Ratings
rating Fitness index Number
Excellent> 901
Good 80-89 0
Average 65-79 4
Low Average 55-64 5
Poor < 55 5

Although the sample size is small, these results suggest that the students are not physically fit. Earlier measurements of resting heart rates indicated that their resting heart rates indicate average to below average fitness for their age group. Coupled with ten eliminated on Par-Q grounds and a nation that is ranked second in percent of population with a body mass index over 25, and the health future of these young Micronesians is not one of wellness. Add to that the high levels of stress documented in a Holmes and Rahe stress scale survey, and the picture does not improve.

Working with the health science students has provided some real insights to the health foundations, or lack thereof, of the students at the college. Students on campus can be observed chewing betel nut with tobacco, eating ramen powder, putting Kool-Aid into ramen, and engaging in a number of other poor health choices. The college has a real opportunity to work in an integrated, cross-curriculum, and inter-unit manner to address these very real present and future health issues.


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