From YouTube to DVD over on Win 7

I had downloaded three YouTube videos as MP4 files using my Lubuntu rig at home as accessing YouTube from the college is not possible during the business day. Access to YouTube is throttled to the point where the site is de facto blocked. The videos were USDA and White House productions focused on the new MyPlate dietary guidelines.

I had not had time to convert the MP4 files to the MPEG2 NTSC format that DVD video players apparently utilize. I say apparently as I am completely clueless when it comes to the alphabet soup of video formats. So I moved the files over to my USB flash drive and headed up to the college to teach my morning classes. In between classes I working on locating and installing software to convert and burn the DVD.

The complication at work is that I use a Win 7 rig and Bombono is not an option.

After a couple false starts from, I found that I could cluelessly stumble through MyFFVideoConverter and wind up with the required format that Windows DVD Maker requires. Bear in mind I only want to burn the videos and show them on a regular television to my class - the only tech available to me in that particular classroom. I do not need menus, splash screens, or other eye candy.

The videos worked very nicely, with chapter points set between each video.
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