Social media survey

A convenience sample survey of 73 students in the MS 150 Statistics class at the College of Micronesia-FSM Palikir national campus 09 January 2012 asked about social media membership.

Site Sp 09 Fa 09 Sp 10 Fa 10 Sp 11 Fa 11 Sp 12
FaceBook 0 9 12 46 62 54 70
Twitter NA NA NA NA NA NA 7
MySpace 32 45 33 33 45 29 31
Bebo 17 41 27 37 42 20 19
Other 8 16 26 25 16 12 10
None 9 13 10 8 8 4 3
Sample size n 54 74 58 66 72 61 73
Number of students with membership in the listed site by term Note that the columns do not add to the sample size as students can have multiple memberships.

Percentage of students with membership in the listed site by term 

FaceBook continued to extend its dominant position among students in MS 150 statistics at the college, with 96% of the students having a membership in FaceBook. MySpace, Bebo, and "other" sites lost market share among the students. Not shown above is that while some students only use FaceBook, no student only uses another site.

In other words, of the 70 students who use social media, all use FaceBook. Of social media users, FaceBook holds 100% membership. The 96% is the result of three students who have no social media memberships. FaceBook is effectively the only place to be.

No student named Google+ in their responses. Seven students listed Twitter in the other category, this term Twitter is being tracked separately (in prior terms students would have had to write in Twitter).

In the first survey of Spring 2009 FaceBook was listed as a social media site. Although 83% of the 54 students used social media sites, none indicated FaceBook membership. A second survey conducted in February of 2009 indicated that 13% of the students had FaceBook membership. The presence of the site name on the January survey may have driven some students to explore and join FaceBook. The listing of Google+ on the survey this spring may cause students to now explore Google+ and consider joining.


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