As noted in the previous blog, two evenings ago I exceeded an average of 400 cumulative minutes of running over a seven day period for three month period of time. The use of seven day cumulative time was based on the parallelism I saw in a pedometer versus weekly time chart back in November 2008.
By early 2009 I was focused only on the seven day cumulative time and on obtaining 200 minutes per seven days in that metric. This focus proved myopic and in December 2009 I sought to move beyond the 200 minute focus and reverse a downward trend in my running during 2009. 
I survived my own exuberance which saw me hit 500 minutes in the first seven days after 21 December. At that point I had badly broken the "10% rule" and was sure I would bonk or injure myself. And I may yet do so. Three months later, however, and no parts have fallen off of me as yet. My goal is not to necessarily maintain this level of running, just to run an hour a day every possible day. There is no intent for a streak, nor do I have a streak - I skipped four days on the way to obtaining 400 minutes in the three month average. 

The three month average is weighted one half on the most recent 30 days, one third on the prior 30 days, and one sixth on the 30 days before that. A 90 day weighted average that places emphasis on the current month without neglecting the impact of earlier efforts.
The chart covers the time span from June 1998 to present for this three month weighted average. Prior to the past three months, the maximum was 282 minutes set back in January 2009. The vertical axis is in minutes, cumulative over any seven day period.

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