Dr. Eliuel Pretrick Memorial Inaugural 5k

The first fund raiser for the Dr. Eliuel K. Pretrick Memorial Scholarship was a 5K walk/run this morning at Palm Terrace.
On his way to 39:28 finish.

Last year, Penny Weilbacher, Iris Falcam, Moses Pretrick, Lore Nena and Jim Tobin formed the Dr. Eliuel K. Pretrick Memorial Scholarship committee and have recently become a certified FSM NGO with the FSM Government. Penny is the chair and Jim Tobin is the secretary/treasurer with Moses and Lore as board members.
Lore, Penny, Jazmin, and Sue.

  A side-stitch slowed her to a 41:31 finish.

The goal is to award one $10,000 scholarship annually to an FSM citizen who wishes to attend a four year university with a goal to receive a bachelor’s degree in physical education or a sport related field.  The scholarship is for a 3rd or 4th year student.  The hope is to award the first scholarship in 2010.

First place and inaugural winner of the 5k.

I joggled to a 27:15 finish, a respectable time for me. I had not tapered, on the contrary I ran a 13 kilometer run yesterday evening. I needed at least 60 minutes of running to push a particular three-month weekly running average up over 400 minutes, a goal since I broke a 282 minute record for that average on 03 February on a running push that began on 21 December. 

By sheer coincidence I exceeded 400 minutes on the 19th of March. On 19 December a friend and colleague, the former chair of the education division, passed away. Two days later I began my push to reverse a downward trend in my running. On 19 February the college mourned the loss of a former first lady and "our" Pacific librarian.

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