KBP fun run

Tim, left below, took first place in one of Pohnpei island's only Sunday fun run.The run was a benefit for a local Filipino community group, Katilingbang Bisaya sa Pohnpei.

The route was new for everyone, starting at the movie theater and heading up Elenieng to Kaselehlie and then up Namiki towards Dolihnier. Around past the water tank, SDA, and PICS, and then back to the theater via Dainy. Tony Nakasone and Rendy Geminaro both joined, Tony having taken second in the 10k just yesterday morning.

On the right below is the first female finisher.

The 7:00 start was hit by a rain squall that followed the runners up into Dolihner. By the water tank my tennis balls were soaking wet and heavy. My arms were still feeling the effect of over an hour of juggling on yesterday's 10k. I joggled through today to a finish in 31:59.Tim thought the route was long, and organizers were quoting the course at over five kilometers. I haven't directly measured the course and had no feel for the distance as the gusty rain proved a worthy distraction.

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