Aramas kapw 10k

You know turn-out is low when a fifty year old joggler takes the lead at the one kilometer mark and holds the lead unchallenged for the next nine kilometers. In an informal pilot run of the first ever Aramas Kapw fun run saw six people turn up on a rainy Saturday morning. The run started at PICS track and field, headed down to Amcres and 4TY, out to the airport gate, back up to "administration" field (the old trust territory name for the Spanish Wall ball field), and then up into Dolihner via Namiki, around past Pit Stop and the water tank, returning to PICS track and then a lap on the track. Based on data I had, I put the total distance at about 10.45 kilometers.

Tony Nakasone came in second, still smiling.

Gary Bloom and a young man entered the field together to notch third and fourth place.

Of the six, only one female runner joined the run. She and another young man entered the field together to take fifth and sixth place, with her as the first female finisher.

I finished first in 66:07. I had thought I might juggle-bonk attempting a ten kilometer joggle with late hills, but I felt surprisingly good coming into Dolihner.

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