Run to the river

While in Wisconsin I took a camera on a couple of runs. This was made possible by the relative consistency and predictability of the weather there, especially that of precipitation. On Pohnpei, a tropical downburst can occur without any significant warning. Carrying a camera on a run is potentially problematic. This term, however, a FujiFilm Finepix Z33 WP, as in "waterproof" to three meters, permitted me to haul a camera on a typical run to the Nett river and back. Outbound, eastbound headed towards centerpoint, Angie's ahead on the left. The river is at the ridge in the distant background.
Downhill just past the new US embassy is the future home of the Bank of Guam. The river is at the ridge on the left - no mountain too far.
The interior of the island is rainier. The view south from the state hospital.
On the bridge, a view south towards the interior of the island. Hidden behind the trees are the homes of Kamar, Meitik, and Lewetik, Nett.
The view northwesterly towards Kolonia. Cumulus builds over the Pacific ocean.
The Dausokele bridge. Every so often, at the right time of the evening and the right time of the year, I get to race the shadows of the trees on the bridge as the sun sets to the west.

Technical note: Images were taken at 10 megapixels and then the camera's own "blog image" feature was used to create 640x480 shots for this blog.

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