Badger State Trail

While the kids swam at the Monroe municipal pool, I ran the Badger State Trail near Monroe along with side streets and roads near Monroe. Overall I covered 14.2 kilometers in 1:38:43, averaging 8.9 kilometers per hour. The Badger State Trail is on a old railroad right-of-way, turned into a "linear park." Although one is running through the middle of Monroe, one remains surrounded by nature. All one sees on either side are the trees and brush that once lined the railroad right-of-way.
At one point the trail crosses highway 81, a four lane 65 mile per hour freeway that bypasses Monroe. Getting to run across a four lane freeway is an adrenaline rush!
At other places one crosses roads and rivers on railroad bridges.
All along one is surrounded in a verdant green tube of foliage, shaded by trees, often running below grade in a valley carved out years ago to shield the city from the noise of the trains.
Passing under 69 I heard an odd sound - bullfrogs in a heavily shaded ditch under the overpass.

The run was spectacular - I felt like I could run forever. No cars, no dogs, a giving smooth surface, gentle rises and descents. Although the air temperature was up around 80 Fahrenheit, the air was dry and felt cool as I ran. For what little it might be worth, more photos!

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