Ethnobotanical cultural ceremony

The SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany class ends the term observing the traditional ceremony at the heart of Pohnpeian culture - nohpwei. This is an out-of-the-classroom experience, out in the community, in a local nahs.

Wadel Jr., Sepe Rose, Diana, Vern, Delinah, Merlynn starting the hike up the mountain

This term the visit was to a nahs up the mountain to the east of campus. Due to the steep terrain and poor road condition, the class would have to walk in. Students with medical conditions were excused.


Sepe Rose, Vern, Delinajh, Diana

Delinah, Vern en route

A car did follow the class up, but the car spun out repeatedly on gravel and bottomed out in places

Already in the nahs was Nayme and Kayleen
Garvin and Darnick

Faustino Jr., Wadel Jr., Vern

Edson, Garvin, Darnick

Edson as ouarir to Ounmwar, Lepen as the menindei

Lepen, shirt off to show respect to Ounmwar, explains some of the terminology in Luelen Bernart's chapter on sakau.

Sakau enters the nahs, traditional rules invoke inside the nahs. The men have removed their shirts to show respect. The branches are cut.

Four pounders with four moahl.

Menindei issues commands, directs the process

Pwel would go to ounmwar. Arehn sakau to a representative of togusrai. Esil traditionally to Daug, tonight esil is returned back to honor the squeezer. Oapoang went to a woman from Madolehnihmw. Sapw went to Ounmwar. Lepen then asked me to say a few words, Lepen also spoke to the class. Very informative.

Sakauen poaki koasoai pwahda: just for talking

Lepen and ounmwar after class.

Headed back down the mountain

Road's end

Volleyball on the ridgeback
Steep descent ahead

Sunset in the west

Sunset on the campus

The campus in the evening light


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