Vegetative morphology

Vegetative morphology is also an "organizational" day combining both coverage of vegetative morphology and laying out the next few class sessions. After a brief introduction to some of the basic terminology in the classroom - petiole, blade, drip tip, palmate venation, pinnate venation, linear venation, ob- prefixes, opposite, alternate, compound - the class then went outside. Although rain showers were in the area, we could see rain around us, passing to the north, pouring in the south, somehow we remained dry but for some passing mist.

Eugenia uniflora: ovate

Terminalia catappa: obovate, pinnate

Jill and Jedidiah consult their handouts

Pterocarpus indicus seedling with dicotyledons still displayed
Chromolaena odorata: deltoid, netlike venation

Chromolaena odorata: deltoid

Kayleen and Nayme consult their handouts. Also pictured: Garvin and Cody

Hibiscus tiliaceus, cordate. Young leaf on a new plant.

Merremia peltata: orbicular, peltate petiole

Senna alata: compound with oblong leaflets

Xanthosoma sagittifolium: sagittate.

Out in the field

Mangifera indica: lanceolate, pinnate venation


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