Ohigan and a vernal equinox cleaning of an ethnobotanical garden

This term I headed up to the Haruki Japanese cemetery an hour ahead of class. I was in for a tad of a shock. As soon as I entered I was puzzled - there seemed to be more light than usual. The area appeared more open that usual.  Somethings were missing from the skyline.

 As I looked around I suddenly realized that the Ixora casei had gone over during the tropical disturbance that later became typhoon Wutip.

To the west some of the Alpinia carolinense was also down.

The Ixora casei was all but down on the ground, shallow roots unable to hold purchase in the wind.

The Coffea spp., thought to probably be Coffea robusta but currently listed as Coffea arabica, was also toppled over. Still alive, but now growing at a severe angle.

I would later direct the class to hand weed around the coffee tree, preserving the baby plants towards a future generation of coffee trees. The branch on the right is a fallen Falcataria moluccana limb. There was a good deal of downed branches.

The avocado tree was also split and toppled.

Downslope one of the smaller Falcataria moluccana trees had gone down.

Another Falcataria toppled on the southern slope, and visible downslope through the Hibiscus tiliaceus, yet another toppled Falcataria.

An iron rod in the ground can be seen near picture center. That is believed to be a part of the boundary markers.

Close-up of rebar on the slope. Photo taken at 6.909222,158.1542343.

Just a meter or so downslope another rebar.

To the west, in the distance, are more toppled Falcataria trees.

Edson clears downed branches

Joe working around an unidentified tree

Delinah, Kayleen, and Nayme


Ray and Norton





A tangle of downed branches


Sepe Rose

Faustino Jr., Norton, Cody

Inflorescence in the unidentified tree

Same unidentified tree

After class Garvin and Cody tacked a piece of heavy iron rebar that was now sticking out into a trail

Eventually by both pulling, they removed the rebar.


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