Material culture presentations

Again this term the material culture presentations were optional due to cultural loss in this area.

Jill with a Chuukese breadfruit pounding board made from breadfruit and called a nif

Chuukese nif. The keystones permit wooden stakes to secure the board from moving during pounding

A coralline Chuukese pwo, breadfruit pounder. Very similar to the Kosraean dok used to pound fafa, but the dok is traditionally basalt and has only a single central conical nub.

This pwo has four conical nubs

The business end of the pwo

A Kosraean kuom

Ashlyn with a children's toy, a spinner. Called a lohrengyeng, or, more often by children, a lohrengreng. The wind spins the spinner.
A Pohnpeian kohwa

Faustino Jr. with a betau basket from Yap for middle aged men

A head garland (head lei) and earrings for a dancer from Yap

The garland is Cordyline fruticosa and Plumeria obtusa.

The earrings are coconut shell, these are carved in the state symbol of Yap, evocative of the profile of a local canoe.

Jacqueline presenting

Kayleen presented a basket called a "kopou" (she did not spell this one out)


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