Measuring the conversion factor from arcminutes to meters

Physical science laboratory seven measured the conversion factor from arcminutes of longitude to metric meters. The class began at N 06° 54.570’  E 158° 09.600’ and walked to N 06° 54.570’  E 158° 09.700’ noting the arcminutes every 30 meters.

Jesse, Praislyn, Swister, Patricia, Masabua, Junida, Brenda

Because Wednesday was an unguided discovery learning session, I used Thursday morning to explain more fully what the students had been working with.

Some of the morning material ahead of data gathering presaged the using of Google Earth to see what was at the prime meridian due west of Pohnpei. 

Upstairs in the laboratory I used a layout from last term in an attempt to illustrate that the data provided a way to convert from arcminutes to meters and meters to arcminutes.

1823 meters per arcminute is one percent away from the published value at seven degrees north of 1842 metres per arcminute. 

George, Vivian, Emerika, Kiokalani at E 158° 09.700’ 

Kiokalani writes down data values, Gina behind her


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