Lycophyte and monilophyte presentations

In-class presentations on the life cycle and morphology of lycophytes and monilophytes
Merlynn and Garvin on cyanobacteria

Gilroy and Diana covered the life cycle of moss

Edson and Kayleen on the life cycle of lycopodium
Delinah and Faustino cover lycopodium morphology

Mailyn, Sepe Rose, and Ashlynn on the life cycle of ferns. The diagram was particularly well done.

Fern morpology was handled by Yuri and Wadel

Annielisa diligently and literally taught the class Kosraean plant name pronunciations, setting a strong tone for the following language presentations

Jill Berden, Northern Noumeneas

Vern, Woleaian

Jacqueline, Yapese plant names

Diagram by Yuri and Wadel of fern frond morphology


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