Hide and GPS seek

This term the GPS discovery learning - find the instructor, find the class location - exercise had me return to the north side of the road for the first time in years.

This term I scouted out crossing the bog from maintenance on Monday, but that proved not possible. The bog is wet under the grass despite the weak El Nino and relatively dry weather.

I wound up opting for a spot to the northwest of long gone location that was arbitrarily labelled "Philadephia" as a code name.

The new location has a nice view of Campnosperma brevipetiolata trees.

Coordinates the new location vary slightly by GPS.

The weather held for the class - sunny skies for over 24 hours. The location was at the very fringe of the WiFi, really too weak to send or receive data, but I did manage to get a 4G signal at the hide.

Mayson would be the first to find me

Harvey was right behind also with a GPS unit

Nemely was with them every step of the way

Close behind was the rest of the moving class, with Joshua the fourth to arrive. Brenda was among those who arrived with the larger group

Emerika with a GPS was in the large group that was crashing through the forest

The location was a functionally good location, although getting in without being seen was not possible. The area cannot be accessed from west of the drainage canal, and eastern entrance would require crossing the soccer field in the open. The line of Falcataria moluccana that runs from a well near the western junction with the crescent drive is the best cover. Those trees are on a low mound, a small ridge of about a meter or so in height, maybe two. One can drop down behind the this micro-ridge and move relatively unseen. That said, the class was near me by 12:10 and Mayson reached my position at 12:12, a mere twelve minutes after departing the faculty building. 


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