Sakau ceremony in Poras, kousapw Palikir, Sokehs

This term the SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany class held their capstone experience in Poras, Sokehs. with the Soumas en kousapw Poras, Pwoud Lepen Palikir, also holding the title of Nahlaim. The class was honored by the presence of Pwoud Lepen Palikir and the Peliental for kousapw Palikir, Naus.

Details on the ceremony in English are contained in the course textbook. Details in Pohnpei are contained Pohnpei culture curriculum documents intended for use in the seventh and eighth grade. A more recent document prepared by Kasio Paul covers  Sakau en Enilahp (Sakau Ro).

Just past Palikir Elementary School

On the way to Poras

Along the road

Further along

The bridge on the way

Nan mal Poras


Campnosperma brevipetiolata on the stump of a telephone pole

Yet to be identified local plant referred to as "kerala"

Pelen mwahu peitehl

Pelen Koadu Soumoahl

Pwoaikoar: tehn wehd

3:42: The students arrive in twelve minutes

Salvin assists wie sak, Pwoud Lepen Palikir in his position on the platform

Jerome also assisted with sukusuk


Pwehl to Soumas en kousapw

Are, arehn sakau

Arehn sakau to the peliental, Naus.


Esil to the highest titled woman present

Sapw, fourth and last, returns to the Soumas who redirected to honor a guest
Adelma, Enyd, Via Marie watch

Epilette, Venister, Keanu. Epilette knew how to sit with sakau present in the nahs.

Brenda and Prileen, Prileen sitting correctly.

AB and Arlynn

Bredalyn, Gracie, and Justin
Venister, Keanu, Brenda

For a closer view of the process, some students moved up
Others who observed from close range


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