The November collision of local holidays as usual impinged on the curriculum this fall. I went ahead and showed an alternative energy video, Power Comes in Many Forms, on the Friday of the week before. Then a Monday holiday intervened. Wednesday I covered Ohm's law and the power relationship.

Board notes documenting the transition from a high head micro-hydro model to electricity.

Calculating the cost of power based on the local rate at present of $0.44 per kwH

Note taking 2018 style. Thursday's laboratory featured batteries and bulbs, conductors, insulators, and Ohm's law.

Michsane tests conductors and insulators. As usual, the men tended to take hold of the equipment first - in both sections. In both instances I halted the class to note this and to once again cover this issue and the importance of awareness of this for those headed into education. Men will tend to be first to explore equipment, which over the years leads to differential ability with equipment in the science class. As I note in class, men are not inherently better at science, men are slightly more likely to grasp equipment in a laboratory and thus gain valuable experiential experience.

One way to get women onto equipment is to form female groups. Merenda, Maylina Stacey, and Dori-Ann. Stacey's heritage is a culture that still sits gender separated in church. For her and perhaps other female students, working in a female group is simply more culturally comfortable.


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