Pwunso botanic garden spice, timber, and gymnosperms

A visit to the Pwunso botanic garden, the site of the former Japanese agriculture station, begins with the Ficus prolixa. Some of the plants in the front garden include:

Front garden:
Angiosperm: Ficus prolixa. Banyan, aiau, auu, aw, kohnyah, leaves as hair conditioner
Angiosperm: Artocarpus altilis. Breadfruit.
Angiosperm: Ravenala madagascarensis. Traveller's palm.
Angiosperm: Syzygium aromaticum. Clove tree.
Gymnosperm: Araucaria columnaris. Cook Island Pine. Family: Araucariaceae
Angiosperm: Cinnamomum verum. Cinnamon tree.
Gymnosperm: Cycas spp. (male). Cycad with cone. Maybe C. circinalis or C. rumphii.
Angiosperm: Coffea robusta. Coffee.
Angiosperm: Piper nigrum. Black pepper. Family: Piperaceae. [no longer extant 2018]
Angiosperm: Myristica fragrans. Nutmeg and the spice mace.
Angiosperm: Eucalyptus deglupta, Painted eucalyptus.
Angiosperm: Piper ponapense. Pohnpei pepper vine konok. Family: Piperaceae.

The bus arrived on time at 3:53 PM.

After viewing the Ficus prolixa, the class moved over to the clove trees.

The first gymnosperm are the Araucaria pines.

The trunk is somewhat pine-like in appearance.

Cinamomum verum.

Cinnamon tree inflorescence.

Coffee, probably Coffea robusta

Second gymnosperm: Cycad. Not positively identified. Had cones this fall.

Eucalyptus deglupta: timber tree.

Departing from the nutmeg tree area.

Mid garden
Angiosperm: Garcinia xanthochymus, yellow mangosteen. Also in this area: Averrhoa bilimbi, Eugenia uniflora (surinam cherry)

Back garden by tennis courts
Angiosperm: Swietenia mahagoni, Mahogany.
Angiosperm: Pimenta dioica, Allspice.
Angiosperm: Gliricidia sepium
Gymnosperm: Agathis lanceolata. Family: Araucariaceae.
Angiosperm: Calophyllum inophyllum. Kosraen: ituc, Kapinga: setau, Mwoakillese: ijaou, Pingalapese: sepang, Pohnpeian: isou, Southern Noumeneas: Rekich, Mortlockese: Rakish, Ulithian: sefang [tentative].
Angiosperm: Tectona grandis. Teak.

Adelma with the kauri pine Agathis lanceolata: smells like Pine-Sol...

Agathis lanceolata

Too much ground to cover, too little time. Ran out of clock time at 4:40 PM - the bus and the students have to be back in Palikir by 5:00 PM.


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