Student evaluations

As a proponent of transparency and open information sharing, and as a way of providing students with the ability to make informed choices, the following are my most recent student evaluations. This past fall term my student evaluations came with an interesting twist, a student had made positive comments about me as an instructor, but then marked all column one (the lowest score) in lieu of column four (the highest score). The administration noted that this appeared to be an error, but the resulting averages were pulled down by the outlier for that section.

Although the numeric values provide a broad overview of student ratings for my instruction, I find the most value in the written comments.  The numeric values tell one where one is, the written comments tell one what to work on to improve oneself.

Student comments on the instructor by course

SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany
More field trips
The only thing that I don't like this course it is just that we did too much walking
Very good

MS150/1 Statistics section one
He is a very good instructor. He helps the students throughout the semester to ensure that they know what to do next or passes the course. [Note: this is the student who strongly disagreed, marking all ones in the numeric evaluation]
He is very good instructor, he's perfect to teach this course. He always make sure that all of his student understand.
I just wanna say thank you for bearing with me the whole semester.

MS150/2 Statistics section two
Instructor is very straight forward and teaches students well. Very pushing students to overcome their fears in class.
The teacher is fair in his teaching and make sure we get the assignment. The instructor explain works clearly and understanding.
Dana is fit for this class because he knows how to explain and make students understand well
Sometimes he has to slow down and teach how can those calculator use in real life.

SC130/1 Physical Science
Love Dana's way of teaching/uniquely Dana's way

Course and Course Materials feedback

SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany
Very Good Keep up the good work

MS150/1 Statistics section one
The course is very helpful as well as the course materials [Note, this is the student who strongly disagreed] 
It's all good

MS150/2 Statistics section two
Course is very useful and enjoyable.
All the course materials are useful and helpful
The textbook he created online is simple and very useful to students
He is a professional with unlimited knowledge

Other Comments

SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany
The class is awesome. I'm thankful I got to learn about plant and their uses I never knew about
Very Good

MS 150/1 Statistics section one
The college needs more instructor like this [Note, this is the student who strongly disagreed]
Thank my instructors and the college.

MS150/2 Statistics section two
Thank you for your time and support
Nothing is bad, mwahu doulul.
Thanks for all the hard work


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