Paies healing plants walk and talk

This term the walk and talk benefited from the healing plants of Paies handout I prepared spring 2018. Leveling work prevented going down to the three plants near the intersection, the usual start for this walk.

Volkameria inermis. Chuuk (lagoon): apuoch, apwech, Chuuk (other): etiu, pucherik, Kapinga: lau hia, Kosrae: kwacwak, Mortlock: ulo, Namonweito: ula, Pohnpei: ilau,  Woleai: gabwi, Yap: l'ruch, Samoan: aloalo tai
Ocimum tenuiflorum. Chuuk: warung, Kosrae: aring, Pohnpei: kadiring, Yap: lamar or yalmar, Hindi: tulsi
Scaevola taccada. Chuuk: nad, ned, Kosrae: kusrohsr, Mortlock:: ned, Mwoakillese: remek, Pingelapese: remek, Pohnpei: remek, Woleai: remag, Yap: nath, noth, or thoeth

Instead I started at the Terminalia catappa and then returned to Premna serratifolia via the young hilltop Morinda citrifolia inbetween. I noted the risk with bringing Morinda citrifolia - everyone else will bring that as well. 

Terminalia catappa. Chuuk: asas, aas, Kosrae: srifacf, Pohnpei: dipwoapw, Yap: kel
Morinda citrifolia. Chuuk: nopwur, Kosrae: ii, Pohnpei: weipwul, kirikai (trunk), Faichuuk: rin, Satawal: neen, Yap: mangal'weg, samoa: nonu, Tahiti: nono, Hawaii: noni, Fiji: kura.
Premna serratifolia. Pohnpei: oahr
Psidium guajava. Chuuk: kuafa, Kosrae: kuhfahfah, Pohnpei: kuapa, Yap: tamlanai

I covered the issue that topwuk is currently considered to be Premna serratifolia but topwuk and oahr are so clearly different and breed true that I continue to use Premna obtusifolia for topwuk. I also noted that Kosrae's fienkack has the small infloresences of oahr but the large leaves of topwuk and is also a significantly larger tree than any topwuk or oahr I have ever seen. I am not convinced that these three are the same species at this point, but perhaps they are considered only varieties.

I also noted that Psidium guajuava is a perennial fall back plant for unprepared students. 

Premna obtusifolia. Chuuk (lagoon): nior, Kosrae: fienkack, Mortlock:: lior, Pohnpei: topwuk, Yap: arr

From there I walked over to the Glochidion ramiflorum.

Glochidion ramiflorum: Pohnpei: mwehk, Chuuk: afór, Yap: ngumol

I then headed east to look for  Plectranthus scutellarioides. Pohnpei: koramahd  No longer in the potter along the road, there are now two plants further east next to the gas station. 

The walk continued into Paies, passing Melastoma malabathricum,Pohnpei: pisetikimei, and Clidemia hirta. On the lower part of the road we encountered a number of medicinal plants in addition to those already seen.

Cordyline fruticosa: Chuuk: tiin, English: Hawaiian ti plant, Kosrae: ingingkal, Pohnpei: dihng, Yap: riich
Macaranga carolinensis. Chuuk: tuupw, kúrúwén, Kosrae: lo iacp, Pohnpei: apwid, Yap: bid, biid, bith
Piper methysticum. Kosrae: seka, suhka, Pohnpei: sakau
Piper ponapense. Pohnpei: konok
Cocos nucifera. Chuuk: núú, Kosrae: koacnu, Pohnpei: nih, fruit: uhpw, mwangas, Yap: niiw
Musa spp. Chuuk: wuuch. Kosrae: usr, Pohnpei: uht, Yap: dinaey (banana tree)

At the church we encountered a small Citrus aurantiifolia tree. 

Citrus aurantiifolia. Chuuk: naymis, Kosrae: laim, Pohnpei: karer, Woleai: gurmwaresh/lomul, Yap: remong

We ended at the bridge marking the boundary between Sokehs and Kitti. No images were captured on this trip. Although last year I had seen Curcuma longa, Chuuk: áfán, kúchún, English: tumeric, Kosrae: ang, Pohnpei: ongitik, kisinieng, Yap: angorik, guchol, this term I did not. And while I did not see Scaevola taccada on the walk, another student claimed that they had seen it, but could not relocate where during the walk back.

The Senna alata at the intersection is now gone as a result of the ground leveling effort. Fortunately that plant was already relocated. 


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