Ohigan and ethnogardening

With the sun crossing the equator on the 23rd of September, the ethnobotany class took to cleaning up the Haruki cemetery on campus. The following are images from the clean-up. 

Arlynn clears tall grass while Tulpe watches

Justin and Jerome did heavy grass whacking work along the front of the cemetery

Ixora casei on the far right, Cananga odorata in the background

More Ichaemum polystachyum cutting, Venister chipping in

Arlynn, the Cananga odorata on the back left. Hibiscus tiliaceus behind Arlynn

Adelma next to the Acacia auriculiformis, Alpinia carolinensis behind her in the background

In the center left, Coffea arabica. On that is growing Piper nigrum

Jerome strikes a pose - photographs were being taken by Bredalyn

On the left side of the image is Volkameria inermis, formerly Clerodendrum inerme

Almost everyone was engaged in the Ohigan clean-up

I was cutting Hibiscus tiliaceus that was blocking sight lines into the cemetery. Cananga odorata in the foreground. The cemetery becomes a hangout shielded from view if the Hibiscus tiliaceus gets up in size.


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