Banana patch clean-up

The third day of ethnobotany class is, as was the second day of class, spent out in the field, again with machetes, again whacking away at various invasive species.

Epilette working along the fence line, Clidemia hirta on the left

Venister in the center of the garden

Clidemia hirta is climbing the fence like a vine

Bananas to be identified

Utin ruk

Utin ruk

Possibly kudud, also known as uht rais
Shift to an 18:9 aspect ratio image otherwise known as 2:1

The uht rais is rather weak and underdeveloped

On the left is taiwang, Via-Marie in the background cleaning bananas,

Justin under the taiwang

Venister in a patch of Clidemia hirta, Cheilocostus speciosus
Justin and Venister

Via-Marie on the left, Adelma enjoying a laugh


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