Schoology NEXT 2018 Preconference raw notes

On Sunday the Schoology NEXT 2018 preconference opened. I joined a session titled Supporting Schoology as a System Administrator presented by Schoology Product Engagement Team members Mia Reyes and Dwight Vicks. The following are raw notes from that session. These notes will not make sense out of the context of the administrative screens being displayed.

The session opened with coverage of the new site design. College has already enabled the new site design and the students at Kosrae campus appeared to have no difficulties with the new design.
Linked accounts: you might have different roles in a district. You may be the system admin, you might also, under another account, be a teacher who teaches classes in the district. You might also have children attending schools in the district and thus you have a parents role and a third account. These accounts can be linked.
System settings: apply institution wide and cannot be custom set school by school within a district.
Tests and quizzes will gradually be phased out perhaps by 2019-2020 school year, Assessments will supplant tests/quizzes.
Product team still working on this. Conversion tool is already available this week. Just released. Converts a test/quiz to an assessment.
The tool is only available in Resources, not from inside a course.
Assessments does not yet have the analysis screens. That will occur prior to phasing out tests/quizzes.
Account setup details. SIS linkages.
Grade Settings: Grading periods. Naming conventions: name of grading period must be unique.
Sandbox grading period.
If an admin is setting up courses manually, there is a check-box lower right that if left checked enrolls the admin as a member in the course. Uncheck that box. Admin will still have admin access and authority, but will not be a "member" and thus not receive in course notifications.
Grade settings: grading scale setting.
Creating learning outcomes is still a CSV file import. One stumbling block: learning outcomes will have to have a title.
Privacy settings for classes and groups.
Third party tool access.
Schoology is an open LMS in terms of integrations.
App center has moved.
Installing apps system wide. Installing external tool providers.
Managing users section of the platform. Editing. Roles/Advanced settings. Assigning roles.
Advisor import can be setup through SFTP.
Roles and permissions screens and setup.
Permissions. Student profile images can be imported from an SIS, disable the edit authority permission to prevent changes.


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