Color of light, speed of the network

The unit on the color of light in physical science as currently configured takes off from a playlist of videos on color, light, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

This list is more than 80 minutes of videos, not including transitions between videos. The list takes more than 90 minutes to run, and 90 minutes of online streaming video is usually asking a lot of the bandwidth here on Kosrae. That said, I did have a copy of the longest video on my laptop, and I reorganized the list to run that video last this summer.

I then booted the ChromeBook onto the Kosrae campus WiFi and the Gigabyte SMARTboard computer which is connected via Cat 5 cabling, hard wire. The hard wire connection stalled on attempt to load YouTube. The laptop was ready to go and the Gigabyte was still waiting for YouTube to respond. For some reason there is more bandwidth on the WiFi here than on the hardwire, but this works to my advantage with my laptop so I am loathe to see this change. I swapped over from the Gigabyte to the ChromeBook using an HDMI cable and all 80 plus minutes rolled off without a hitch.

After a brief break the class explored the colors of the light further in laboratory ten just as I do on Pohnpei. The availability of the computer laboratory made both the videos and the laboratory possible. Without the wide open computer laboratory from 9:30 to 2:30, today's class would simply not have been possible. My ongoing thanks to the team here for permitting me use of both the science laboratory classroom and the computer laboratory.


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