Sakau en Enihlap (Sakau Ro)

The ethnobotany enjoyed a special presentation of sakau en enihlap under the guidance and teaching of Professor Kasiano K. Paul.

Nemely and Lefreeancy on point

The class left campus at 3:30 prompt to head up the mountain on foot.

Lefreeancy, Melissa, Nette, and Leeron on foot

Seen along the way

Hidden behind the tint are five males who while born on Pohnpei were stripped of the title "ohl in Pohnpei" for driving up while the women were forced to walk up. 

The weaker boys of Pohnpei drove up while a Mwoakillese fellow, a Kosraean woman, an Woleaian women, and man from Dioan, and a true lien Pohnpei from Wene/Nanmand walked up the mountain.

Mehn paliais Nett on the right, Kiroun in the center, at 4:00 in the afternoon

Professor Paul explaining to the class prior to the start

Sakau enters at 4:12 PM

The handout provided in class. Professor Paul explained to the class along with the backstory to each part of the ceremony.

The latter part of sakau en enihlap

After nohpwei, the bulk of the class headed down the mountain just ahead of five in the evening.

A second stone, Rayden sukusuk

Rodrigo completing the necessary foursome


Headed down the mountain at 6:35 in the evening

6:52 in the evening, light fades. Longer days are not much longer near the equator


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