Schoology Google Drive Assignments app comments: tagging in other students

Schoology Institutional includes the Google Drive Assignments app which integrates Google documents into Schoology. In my statistics class I use Google Drive Assignments to distribute data and homework questions via Google Sheets. The comment system inside of Google Docs and Sheets is a far more powerful commenting system than one might be accustomed to in a typical desktop work processing program. The comment system is integrated to update notifications in Gmail and is enabled to "tag" into a "comment conversation" other Google users.

The key to "tagging in" other users is the use a "+" sign followed by their Gmail address. This system is dynamically linked to your contacts, thus as you type a portion of the address, your Google Contacts list starts suggesting contacts you intend to tag.

In the above example I use the tagging system to communicate to a group of three students that the identical and identically inconsistent answers suggest that one student worked the homework and the other two may have copied those answers. These are students who I already know that they work together, and I do encourage students to work together. I also tell students to be sure that when working together in, for example, a group of three, that three brains are working on the solutions, not one brain working and two brains in idle.

The tagging and notifications in Gmail Updates provides for a conversation between myself and the group, rather than separate conversations on the common topic with each student in each of their individual papers.

Note: The document will have to be approved for sharing to the tagged students by the instructor. Access control is retained by the instructor. Thus when the tagged students attempt to log into the comment, the instructor will get a request to authorize access to the document.


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