Thatching and hiding from heavy rain

The thatching exercise this term started off under cloudy and cool skies. Shortly after class began, a curtain of water approached rapidly from the east. The photos were as much a form of attendance taking as documentation of the activity.

Lavonna, Lefreeancy, Leeron

Henry and Rayden

Nemely sorts out her thread



Nette, Rosalyn, Tedrick Yoma


Conditions were ideal in the parking lot: cloudy and not hot

Then the rain arrived. Note that the razorback ridge to the east is completely gone

Initially the class attempted to shelter under the overhang of the top roof

The wind, rain, and amount of water coming down forced the class around the corner

Rayden, Jayme at a more sheltered location

Myra sets up to make doakoahs en ruhk while Lefreeancy works with a rau from lirau
Rayden assisting Jayme

Keona and Ian

Rosalyn at the edge of a flood from a roof pipe on the right

Melissa, Keona, and Ian

Rosalyn working at the waters edge

Nette chose to watch

The rain did not break off

Cramped conditions and located in an area of pedestrian traffic complicated work

Marigold, on the left, proceeded unfazed by the location. Nemely works on her piece.

Myra, Lavonna, and Leeron

Marigold would be the first to finish a full piece


Jayme and Rodrigo


Melissa and Keona

Rayden's piece

Henry with a nice even stitch


Melissa with a half piece, nicely stitched

Raw materials


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