RipStik lateral swizzling accelerations

A RipStik was ridden for a distance of roughly 30 meters with a Motorola Moto G5 Plus smartphone mounted to the board. Lateral (sideways) accelerations due to swizzling were recorded using Google Science Journal.

Swizzle acceleration data was then exported to Google Sheets. Extreme outliers (data errors such as a -60 m/s², six g's of acceleration ) were removed.

A portion of the swizzle acceleration data was then copied into Desmos for frequency analysis.

The odd structure of the regression function was necessary to getting Desmos to obtain a best fit to the data.

Thus the function found acceleration = -3.89 sin(-0.00915179 t - 5421.64). This is period of 0.687 seconds for a frequency of 1.46 Hertz. Note that values in the analysis screenshot are in milliseconds.

The amplitude arguably provides a smoothed acceleration for the RipStik. While riding the board there is not the sense of a full g of force while swizzling. The accelerometer is perhaps overreacting in some sense. A swing acceleration of plus and minus four meters per second squared seems reasonable.


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