Healing Plants Walk in Paies

Tuesday was stormy rainy, invoking the ethnobotany video series ahead of the hike. This actually works better than the hike first videos second, as the videos well cover healing plants and ethnobotany. The video playlist could use some updating, and a couple more plant specific videos might be beneficial. I ran the video list up through Cox on ethnobotany and Murphy on Samoan medicine, ending with the odd AP archive video of foot massage in Micronesia.

Thursday began sunny - as the day so often does. We started with Premna serratifolia (oahr) and then brushed past Psidium guajava, Glochidion ramiflorum, and Premna obtusifolia (topwuk).

From there I headed north to the Volkameria inermis.

Growing now up against each other are the Volkameria inermis, formerly Clerodendrum inerme, the Ocimum tenuiflorum, and the Scaevola taccada.

The sun was searing hot and the humidity was rising rapidly.

Scaevola taccada or fan flower, beach naupaka in Hawaii.

There is the smallest of possible remnants of the Plectranthus scutellaroides. Good for the treatment of boils. And then the skies opened up as I headed into Paies. There we saw Melastoma malabathricum, more Glochidion ramiflorum, and Premna serratifolia.

The walk up was wet. As I explained to the class, this walk always features rain. Without fail. And there is a reason for the rain. A mehnwai is teaching mehn Pohnpei their plants and the uses of their plants.

Cordyline fruticosa, dihng. Antipyretic. The leaves are used a mat and the patient lays on the mat skin to leaf to allow the leaf to draw the fever out of the patient. Can also be applied to the forehead.

Microsorum scolopendria, kideu. Three points for diarrhea.

Davallia pectinata. We also saw Macrothelypteris torresiana.

On the way back the sun broke out. Class over, the rain ceases.

Curcuma longa - tumeric. I had not noticed this on the walk up. This plant is an annual, with the plant dropping leaves and returning to a resting rhizome state each year.


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