Student learning outcomes mastery tracking in real time with Schoology

All gradebooks provide detailed data on grades for students.

The ability in Schoology Enterprise to attach student learning outcomes to assignments, test questions, and marking rubrics coupled with the Mastery reporting screen, provides near real time information on student mastery of learning objectives.

The student learning outcomes attainment data shows both the average, the number of times the student has encountered that outcome, and whether the student has met expectation at least five times (denoted by a star). Note that as of the third week of class one student has already demonstrated the ability to generate mathematical models for physical science systems and use appropriate mathematical techniques and concepts to obtain quantitative solutions to problems in physical science five times.

The mastery settings in use for the course are presently attaining 70% average to meet expectations and five demonstrations above 70% to demonstrate mastery. These values are pilot values, there are no institutional recommendations in place at this time.

At present the course is only reporting out course level learning outcomes, each of these course level outcomes has two to three specific learning outcomes. Schoology does not appear to be able to aggregate different level of outcomes, thus the decision to link at the course level.

Even at the course level, the mastery information provides more insight into student strengths and weaknesses than a grade. The data also demonstrates that the highest grade is not necessarily a direct indicator of learning mastered. 


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