Banana patch clean-up

One of the term start activities in ethnobotany is cleaning up the banana patch. The exercise helps set a pitch in and work physically tone to the course.

Rodrigo cleaning near the uhten taiwang

Nette and Melissa cleaning near the purported uhten pisi (Fiji)


Jayme makes do with a plastic knife

Jayme in the foreground with an actual knife



This term the primitive plants presentation preparation will precede the primitive plants hike for the first time. I used today to begin to sort out native language speakers. Yoma will tackle Kosraean and Melissa Woleian. I then asked for someone who has one parent from Kitti, and one not from Kitti. Via-Marie said she did, and I will have her tackle the pronunciation difference. The presentations will be a week from Thursday, so this is the earliest in the term I have started sorting students for that presentation. This Thursday I will see if I cannot have the students choose their partners and then I will assign the groups to the tasks.


Leeron and Via-Marie


Looking cleaner


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