Ethnobotany field final examination photos

Sandralynn in the lead, Vincent, Jade, Pelida, Darion, Johsper immediately behind. Terminalia catappa on the right.

Pelida in the lead coming out of the first portion of the final

Cinnamomum carolinense, Clayton on the left

Kiyoe, Shanaleen, Lizleen, Harriet, Darien, Shane

Shanaleen, Lizleen, Harriet, Darion

Cyrtosperma merkusii infloresencence: a new section of campus for the final

The last plants on the final. Kira to the left, May-me at center, and Lizleen by the Cocos nucifera

Shane, Jade, and Vincent between Artocarpus altilis and Saccharum officinarum


Shanaleen and Harriet rewrite their field notes


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