Fruit types poster session

This activity worked well enough fall 2016 and then did not work well spring 2017 when students failed to bring fruit and what fruit they brought was only those available on campus. This term I challenged the students to bring a fruit unusual enough that I would not also bring the fruit.

I gathered fruit from the refrigerator, yard, Ellen's market, Saimon's market, and the campus. I spent $13 at Ellen's, gave a chap fifty cents for a Dois mango, and spent a couple more bucks at Saimon's. I wound up with cucumber, soursop (the only aggregate fruit today), noni (a nice multiple fruit), lemon, watermelon, banana, a Gala apple, Averrhoa bilimbi, guava, key lime, papaya, orange bell pepper, a coconut, seaside almond (dipwopw), among other odd ends that now escape my mind. I would eventually settle on a scale of 5/5 for a student having a fruit that I did not, 4/5 for having a fruit that I brought, and 3/5 for at least showing up and working on the poster session even without a fruit. 0 was reserved for absentees. Note that this term every activity is five points, essentially a daily participation mark, except presentations which are all ten points. Only the essays and tests are on different scales.

I first went around student to student to learn if they had brought a fruit and, if so, what fruit. I had a customized attendance sheet to make notes on for this phase.

I passed out a fruit type key from the University of Wisconsin this term, one that does not suggest a particular layout for the fruit and yet shows via an outline the organization of the fruit types. This key led to the following arrangement:

I would be the one to add the lines, I did not know a way to get to those in the time that remained in a constructive manner.

The fruit whose name shall not be mentioned was voted into the pepo group. Turns out that the fruit has an unmentionable name in both Pohnpeian and Kosraean. Pelida quietly taught the Pohnpeian name to Kiyoe and then told her not to say the name out loud.

A lone Gala apple holds forth in the pome group, I have only seen fresh pears on island once. Noni, locally weipwul, Latin name Morinda citrifolia, holds up the multiple fruit group. I did not stumble onto a pineapple for this group.

Johsper makes notes about the completed diagram, Clayson looks on

Soursop was the lone aggregate fruit - I really hope to see a flower with the class at some point.

Harriet, May-me, Rennie Glen, Kira, and Shanaleen in an attendance photo

Darion, who thoughtfully brought apples for the whole class, and Kiyoe, taking a photo of the completed sheet


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