Ethnogarden clean-up at term-end

Cleaning up the ethnogarden on a rainy Thursday. Under the conditions only a photographic role could be taken. The class first cleaned up the area, then reviewed the local names, Latin names, and ethnobotanical uses of the plants in the area.

Pelida and Reinhardt surrounded by Senna alata

Sharisey cleaning up the Senna alata

Pelida working in the Senna alata


Reinhardt, Vincent, Darion, Rennie Glen. Saccharum spontaneum on the left, Macarange carolinensis on the right. Cymbopogon citratus foreground right corner.

Johsper with the last Colocasia esculenta

Shanaleen and Harriet. Gardenia jasminoides on the left, Senna alata on the right

Sandralyn styling with Senna alata

Kiyoe. Merremia peltata on Hibiscus tiliaceus in the background.

Kira. Background tree is Acacia auriculiformis

Johsper and Kimsky surrounded by Merremia peltata and Macaranga caroloinensis

Rennie Glen amidst Ischaemum polystachyum


Saccharum spontaneum, Reinhardt, Shanaleen, Darion, Kimsky, Cymbopogon citratus

Sandralyn beyond the Cymbopogon citratus

Not pictured: Jasminum sambac, and a variety of Ixora casei. Also not imaged is the struggling Myristica fragrans seedling.

The following photos were taken by Sandralyn Damarlane and bring a different aesthetic to the images. They provide a different perspective, perhaps narrative. These were taken after the cleaning was done during a plant review session. Local names, Latin names, and local uses for the plant.


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